The integration of carrier billing to charge for products and services allows merchants to access markets around the world, offering their users a simple, fast and secure payment method without the need of a credit card or banking account.

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Mobile payment via the telecom operator billing system is rapidly growing. Particularly suited to micropayments and more specifically to digital products and services, it also offers to merchants the opportunity to expand their footprint while generating more revenue.

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A single connection to Mobile Operators to expand into new markets, acquire new users and grow conversions.

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OFFER An easy, fast and secure way to pay

Essential Payment Method for Unbanked Countries

Carrier Billing market is expanding every year. It allows mobile operator's consumers to pay for digital services quickly, securely and easily. But more than that, it is often the only way to pay for unbanked or low banked countries, in particular in Africa or Latin America.

Perfect solution for Digital Content Services

When it comes to Digital Content Services, users expect a smooth and efficient journey, including the transaction steps. Being billed in less than three clicks become possible with Telecom Payment.

Greater Security

The safety of the transaction is a key concern for users. Making payments with carrier's billing system is secure. Users do not need to provide any sensitive data such as credit card or banking information.

Better conversion rates

Users only need their phone number to make a payment. A simple purchasing experience leads to higher conversion rates. In its latest report, Juniper Research mentions a conversion rate of 77% for carrier billing while it is 10% for credit card.

Frictionless user experience

Telecom Payment and, in particular, carrier billing is very convenient. There is no need for the users to create an account or fill in personal details, it provides the simplest checkout experience.

Global Reach

Anyone with a mobile phone can make carrier billing payments. It is the best option for business looking to expand into emerging markets where there is low credit card penetration - while most of the people own a smartphone.

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